CodeLearn is an online interactive platform that enables users to learn, practice and evaluate their programming skills and connect with each others.

Who we are?

CodeLearn is a system and an online interactive platform that enables users to learn, practice and evaluate their programming skills through practicing exercises, coding contests with automatically scoring function so that users could improve their skills and increase productivity.


Whoever you are, CodeLearn will always help you to discover the limits of your own. We promise to bring a channel to developers to share computer science knowledge not only in Vietnam but also in Southeast Asia and the whole of Asia.


We focus on developing a comprehensive ecosystem with the basic-to-advanced courses and practicing challenges that are appropriate for everyone. With the rich and diverse courses and challenges which support a variety of coding languages, CodeLearn helps users to learn and practice programming easily and effectively.
We connect all the people who share the passion for computer science domains then build a strong community together.



Basic-to-advanced online courses for practising and learning purpose of varied types of users.

Brain training playground

A huge amount of algorithm challenges that encourages users to create solutions in various languages.


The community for developers to come, solve problems together and learn from each other.

Customer delight

A trusted companion to provide contests for organizations and support individuals to archive their goals.

Our story

April 2018

First idea

In early 2018, the first idea of a learning and training system came to Cao Van Viet.
He started to set the first brick to build the system in April 2018.
June 2018


After 2 months, the development team launched the first testing version with more than 100 users.
August – December 2018

FPT CodeWar

In August 2018, the system successfully supported CodeWar competitions organized by FPT software in August 2018.
January 2019


The system is now officially named CodeLearn and gradually completed by the project members.
March 2019

Implemented in internal FPT Software

CodeLearn has been used in some units in FPT Software for the purpose of training and practicing.
May 2019


The first completed CodeLearn version is launched nationwide with a lot of benefits and advantageous functions.

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Our Team

Cao Van Viet
Product Owner
Le Anh Dung
Specialist Consultant
Nguyen Hoai Huong
Public Relations Supporter
Bui Binh Minh
Public Relations Supporter
Nguyen Duy Quan
Software Developer
Nguyen Van Doan
Software Developer
Ha Hai Duong
Software Developer
Nguyen Thi Oanh
Product Designer
Tran Thi Minh Nguyet
Software Tester
Nguyen Thi Nhu Quynh
Software Tester
Le Khanh Hoa
Business Analyst
Bui Thi Thu
Content Marketing Writer
Dinh Xuan Cong
Content Creator
Tran Cong Minh
Content Creator
Tran Van Linh
Content Creator
Lai Quoc Tuan
Content Creator